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Welcome to San Francisco!

Coming back from Fuerteventura in September, I thought that that was it with travels in 2017.  Maybe a short trip to Denmark with my family around New Years Eve but that was it. Too many exams in university and too much work to escape just for fun. But when I got an e-mail from my university proposing a Silicon Valley Tour in the end of november, my heart started to race a bit. I’ve been interested in technology for ages and flying to the US was quite an adventure. And even though it’s my 6-coffees-a-day-season because I get super excited about Christmas and plan a lot of stuff around it, I applied immediately. The chance to meet people who have a completely different mindset and who’ve accomplished some of the greatest inventions in the past few years was to great to miss it. Plus I’ve been lacking motivation for some time and I felt as if this was a good idea to get inspired and motivated again (Spoiler: it is)

A week later I got the confirmation and decided to arrive two days earlier to explore San Francisco since I’ve never been there before. I’d say a pretty good decision and I already regret flying back on Saturday. As our hotel is located in the financial district we are pretty close to both chinatown and the pier which is fantastic! Strolling along the water while the sun sets behind the skyline of the city, you feel as if your life could not get any better right now. I took some photos during my first days and in one hour, there will be a second blogpost about our first day including Stanford and the PlugandPlay Tech Center! So stay tuned while I grab another coffee to survive the jetlag!


1 Kommentar zu “Welcome to San Francisco!

  1. Great Post! San Francisco has definitely won a place in my heart aswell.

    Gefällt mir

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